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Tuition Services For Corporate Customers

We have flexible schemes available for corporate customers. The most popular courses in this category tend to be the spoken Arabic and Business Arabic programmes but we can cater to the exact needs of your company.

Corporate Programme Features:

  • Discounted private (1 to 1) tuition programmes. We can allocate as many tuition hours / teachers required to meet your needs.
  • Group instruction programmes customised to your exact requirements.
  • Tuition to suit the days / times required and ability to accommodate large no. of employees / students.
  • We teach clients from a range of industries and sectors and are able to teach regional dialects – e.g. Gulf Arabic. We pay detailed consideration to your learning requirements.
  • We allocate our most senior instructors who have many years of experience in teaching corporate clients.
  • We ensure that our rates are among the most competitive on the internet for any large tuition centre.
  • We are able to work with your company's procurement (purchasing) division to ensure the payment methods and plans comply with your company policies including statements / invoices and any information required on the tuition to attain relevant approvals internally.
  • We are able to offer monthly invoice terms and charge for only the hours taught by the end of the month.

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We offer free trials of our service and we also offer a free weekly webinar (no obligation but limited seats available) to corporates on an invite only basis.

If you would like more information on either a trial of the service, the free weekly webinar (for companies only) or are interested in commencing tuition and would like more information then please contact us by phone, email or live chat for more information.

Refer a Friend Bonus Scheme

Special Offer for registered students

  • Every time you refer a friend or family member, we will give you a free lesson.
  • It doesn't matter how many friends / family you refer - there are currently no limits on this.
  • There are 3 simple steps:
    • Tell your friend (or family member) to go to
    • Ask your friend to book a Free Trial Lesson.
    • Ask your friend to enter in your email address in the referral email box when registering.
  • You will immediately be given a free credit that will allow you to book your next lesson (hour) free.

Please note that this offer only applies to referred students from USA, UK, Europe, NZ & Aus, Canada and Middle East (discretionary).
If we find this being mis-used we reserve the right to refuse the free lesson credit.