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Speak Arabic

Course Syllabus

The following table is meant to give the student a high level view of the topics to be covered and is not exhaustive – e.g. many topics are covered in the course that are not included in the syllabus below.

We will always endeavour to customize the course by including / omitting additional topics to suit your exact requirements.


Topic Title

Topic Details:

Level 1a

Arabic Alphabet

Alphabet names and sounds, pronunciation of letters including distinction of Sun and Moon Letters

Short Vowels

Short vowels that enable pronunciation of the Arabic letters

Long Vowels

Long vowels that lengthen the pronunciation of the short vowels

Tanween and Shaddah

Tanween – the doubling of short vowels. 
Shaddah – the doubling of a letter and emphasis

Joining of letters and writing

The joining of Arabic letters in various positions – isolate, beginning, middle and end including ‘unique’ non-joining letters

Interrogative Articles, pronouns and prepositions

Introduction to some basic words including:

  • Questioning articles – e.g. when, where etc
  • Demonstrative Pronouns – this, that etc
  • Prepositions and Adverbs – Upon, under, on etc
  • Simple sentences with basic vocabulary

Level 1b

Introducing yourself

Introduce yourself to others

Basic conversations – asking about someone’s name, nationality, job

Common cultural Arabic greetings

In the airport 1

Check in at the airport arrival hall

Talk to the passport officer, explain the reason for travel, and your address in the destination country

In the airport 2

Fill in the arrival card, writing your name, nationality, date and place of birth, and reason of visit.

In the hotel

Talk to the hotel receptionist

Reserve a room

Raising queries / concerns about your room – air conditioning, bathroom, hotel charges, registration forms etc

In the restaurant

Ordering food at the restaurant

Understanding the menu and types of food

Paying the bill and discussion with the waiter and cashier

In the bank

Talking to the employee of exchange,

Completing an exchange transaction

Understanding names of currencies and exchange details

Interactions with Arab people

Understanding common interactions with Arab people

Short story about “Joha” a folkloric personality and his famous donkey

At the clinic’s 1

Making a reservation at a clinic

Expressing a pain or problem to the doctor, understanding how to discuss treatment

At the clinic’s 2

Continuation of doctor visitation scenario

Discussion on recovery from illness

Referring to different parts of the body


Level 2

The family

Talking about various members of your family

Describing the personality, occupation and attributes of family members

Walking on te street

How to ask for directions

How to take a bus, taxi or train

Purchasing tickets for travel and asking about prices, stations and routes

At the post office

How to talk to a postal worker about sending mail, buying stamps, writing the address etc.

At the telegram office and calling centre

How to write a telegram

Holding a conversation with the call centre employee

Asking to make an international phone call and making payment

The time

Learn how to express different units and phrases relating to time including hours, days, weeks, months, seasons and conversations revolving around these aspects

At the market 1

Learn the names of fruits and vegetables, conversations involving shopping at the market

At the market 2

Continuation of conversations with the grocer and the butcher.  Enhanced vocabulary of essential dairy and meat products.

Level 3

At the police station

Informing police of the loss of a passport including location

Discussing a possible theft

Arabic Newspaper sections

Understanding the sections of an Arabic newspaper – Politics, Economy, Sport, TV, etc.

Arabic Newspaper basic analysis

Practice reading real Arabic articles in different sections of a newspaper including headlines and main paragraphs including politics, advertisements, sports etc.

Arabic seasons

Talk about the weather in the four seasons

Learn the weather types and expressions describing the weather through conversational practice

Looking for a flat

Practice a scenario where you are searching for a flat

Understand how to read advertisements, talk to the real estate agent about the flat description and rent

Rental contract of a flat

Breakdown of a rental contract

Understanding how to complete a basic rental contract and understand it’s terms – e.g. furniture, bills, included services etc

Arabic language

Conversation about learning the Arabic language

Basic analysis of different colloquial dialects

Analysis of potential problems faced in learning and how to deal with such scenarios

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