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Speak Arabic


  • Our rates are very competitive and our focus is primarily on offering very high quality online tuition at affordable rates
  • Our teachers are all native Arabs qualified to teach the Arabic language
  • Our teachers speak English fluently (we have Arabic teachers who speak other languages also - e.g. French, Spanish, German etc)
  • You can book as few (e.g. one lesson) or as many lessons as you like, whenever you like.  This helps you fit your learning within your budget


  • 20% credit for bulk bookings only (10 or more lessons booked).  Upon booking 10 lessons you will be given 2 extra credits to use to book future lessons (will be added by the Support team within 48 hours of your booking).

Hourly Rates Table

Our tuition rates are as follows based on the currency used:


US Dollar ($)

British Pound (£)


Canadian Dollar (C$)

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Price per lesson


$ 15



£ 10



€ 12



$ 16.2



$ 17.5






** Please note that we ask students to only pay in the currency based on their location - e.g. US students should pay in USD ($), UK students in GBP (£) etc.


Refer a Friend Bonus Scheme

Special Offer for registered students

  • Every time you refer a friend or family member, we will give you a free lesson.
  • It doesn't matter how many friends / family you refer - there are currently no limits on this.
  • There are 3 simple steps:
    • Tell your friend (or family member) to go to
    • Ask your friend to book a Free Trial Lesson.
    • Ask your friend to enter in your email address in the referral email box when registering.
  • You will immediately be given a free credit that will allow you to book your next lesson (hour) free.

Please note that this offer only applies to referred students from USA, UK, Europe, NZ & Aus, Canada and Middle East (discretionary).
If we find this being mis-used we reserve the right to refuse the free lesson credit.