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  • Our rates are very competitive and our focus is primarily on offering very high quality online tuition at affordable rates
  • Our teachers are all native Arabs qualified to teach the Arabic language
  • Our teachers speak English fluently (we have Arabic teachers who speak other languages also - e.g. French, Spanish, German etc)
  • You can book as few (e.g. one lesson) or as many lessons as you like, whenever you like.  This helps you fit your learning within your budget


  • From your 5th lesson (or hour of tuition) - a 20% discount is applied on all future lessons booked (see highlighted row in table below).
  • Alternatively, if you book 5 lessons (hours) on your first booking - you get a 20% discount on all your lessons from lesson 1 onwards.

Hourly Rates Table

Our tuition rates are as follows based on the currency used:


US Dollar ($)

British Pound (£)


Canadian Dollar (C$)

Australian Dollar (AUD)

Price per lesson


$ 15



£ 10



€ 12



$ 16.2



$ 17.5






** Please note that we ask students to only pay in the currency based on their location - e.g. US students should pay in USD ($), UK students in GBP (£) etc.


Refer a Friend Bonus Scheme

Special Offer for registered students

  • Every time you refer a friend or family member, we will give you a free lesson.
  • It doesn't matter how many friends / family you refer - there are currently no limits on this.
  • There are 3 simple steps:
    • Tell your friend (or family member) to go to
    • Ask your friend to book a Free Trial Lesson.
    • Ask your friend to enter in your email address in the referral email box when registering.
  • You will immediately be given a free credit that will allow you to book your next lesson (hour) free.

Please note that this offer only applies to referred students from USA, UK, Europe, NZ & Aus, Canada and Middle East (discretionary).
If we find this being mis-used we reserve the right to refuse the free lesson credit.