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I would like to thank all the staff who have worked so hard towards putting together Madinah Arabic and all the teachers who are doing such wonderful work. This is an excellent online Arabic teaching programme. I have found it most beneficial and really feel that it enables me to progress in a most convenient way with both Tajweed and Arabic language lessons. I had recently spent three months in Egypt studying Arabic but really feel that with these online lessons, on a one to one basis, I am making more progress without having to travel abroad. The booking system is excellent, the teachers make every effort to match the course to each pupils individual needs and all in all it has been a great experience and something I would highly recommend. I also really like the fact that all profits go towards improving the free online lessons available to all. These free lessons allow everyone to benefit. I would highly recommend Madinah Arabic to anyone serious about wanting to learn Arabic. May Allah reward you all and put barakah in your work and make it easy for all to understand this beautiful language in order to understand better the Quran.

Annabelle Drummond UK

I am writing about the Madinah Arabic Tuition Centre after approximately 3 months of having my 5 year-old son become an online student of the centre. Previously, I enrolled my son in another website that offers similar web based services. Thus, I am able to compare my experiences between the two with regards to teaching my young son Qur'an and Islamic studies. Madinah Arabic excels in many areas. Of great importance is the quality of teaching. Not only did Madinah Arabic enquire about my specific needs in the suitability of the teacher that I am looking for, they actually tailored the teaching to my very specific and unique requirements. They were able to pick from their pool of teachers, someone that fits the bill. Alhamdulillah, we are very pleased with our teacher. She is kind, patient and able to identify the learning style of my son and is quick to change her teaching style accordingly. She understands the short attention span of children and is able to hold my son's interest by introducing stories, examples and answering my son's questions about the Ayat he is learning in the Qur'an in short simple language that is easy for my son to grasp and understand. Our lesson is also sprinkled with learning Hadiths, Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad (saw), Daily doa and Sunnah. In addition, our teacher is generous with her time always answering our questions despite the end of class. It feels like being able to approach the teacher after class in real life. Subhanallah. After 3 months with her, my 5 year old son has now memorized 9 Surahs of Juz Amma besides Al Fateha with only weekly classes. In addition, my son understands and is able to relate what the Surah is all about in simple English language according to his age even though Arabic is not our mother tongue or spoken at home. Masha Allah. Learning with understanding!! What more can a parent ask for? Alhamdulillah for Madinah Arabic for making it possible to learn in the comfort of our home regardless of bad winter weather, lack of a local qualified teacher, great distance from masjid and all the difficult challenges that comes with learning Qur'an and the deen in the USA. Special mention is needed for the flexibility of hours for the class and the absence of middle person in scheduling the class. Madinah Arabic allows for direct scheduling and changes with our teacher via their website. It is more personal and effective this way.

Umm Omar USA

I've learnt Arabic language at other places before Madinah Arabic Tuition Centre, but only after taking tuition from Madinah Arabic I have felt that I am making a tremendous progress. My teacher is very professional, always well-prepared and great, with her help I started reading articles in Arabic and I greatly improved my speaking, writing and listening skills. Customer service is also very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend the Madinah Arabic Tuition Centre to all those who want to start learning Arabic or want to become more fluent in it.

Zeyneb Temnenko USA

I am very pleased with the Madinah Arabic 1 to 1 classes they provide individualized design and curriculum that fits each student differently meeting all there needs like personalized class time which is very important as well as moving in the curriculum at your own pace. The Madinah Arabic programs 1 to 1 method assures that the student grasps and retains the information and the teachers never rush the student through it. The individual support and easy access to the course viewer, class management and live operators (24 hour customer service) are amazing and beats a crowded classroom any day I wish I had of known of this before.

Nafeisa Abdalla-Reed USA

I really like the lessons. Whenever someone starts learning a new language as adults, there are some aspects of the learning process that can be quite mechanical. You can't avoid it, but it is kind of boring. However, my teacher Aishah always combines those necessary aspects of the learning process with explanations and details that make it interesting and challenging. And also relates the examples with Islam, what is very appealing for me as a muslimah. She is also very gentle and patient. Because of health problems in my family I lost some classes, but she remained enthusiastic and very supportive, may Allah reward her, amen. It is my first experience with a virtual class, but it has been surprisingly positive. Jazaka’Allah khair for this opportunity

Mariam Polga Brazil

I have already had 10 lessons with my Arabic teacher Seham. I am very satisfied with my Arabic studies and don't want to give up. Seham is very serious, strict and punctual.

Luana Migliaccio Italy

My teacher Samir is great, he makes every class both professional and fun. I am also very happy with the staff who is always kind and patient. Madinah Arabic is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start learning Arabic!

Sean Gonsior USA

the teacher was very friendly. Overall a refreshing and a very enjoyable lesson. Looking forward to my upcoming classes.

Aiman Manji Australia

To AlMadinah School... Hello, I would like to thank Al Madinah school generally and teacher Mona specifically. I registered my son Nassim for 5 hours and he already started to read slowly. Although my son never sits to study for more than 30 minutes, he takes one whole hour with teacher Mona. I would like to say that Teacher Mona is wonderful; she is talented, professional, patient and fair in timing; she knows how to get the student involved in the lesson. JAK. Um Nassim

Nassim Mekhalfa Canada

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